In scouting there are 7 levels of advancement: Scout rank, Tenderfoot rank, Second Class rank, First Class rank, Star rank, Life rank and Eagle Scout Rank.  When a boy joins the troop, he receives a Boy Scout Handbook. The Handbook provides both teaching materials and check lists for each skill.  For each rank there is a checklist of skills with a signature box for each.  This serves as a work book for the first four ranks as well as a record book for all ranks.

At meetings and on campouts a scout may work with other scouts and when needeed, adult assistant scout masters on the rank advancement requirements.  Either an adult assistant scout master or an older more advanced scout will sign your sons book when a requirement/skill is learned.  When a scout has actually participated in and done the requirements, it is up to the scout to get his handbook signed.  It may be helpful for parents to asisst their scout in keeping track fo the handbook.  However, it is very important that the scout take charge of his handbook and becomes diligent about getting his book signed as tasks are complete.  Scout parents can support them by simply asking what he learned and having him show that he got his book signed.  If he has learned a skill or has completed a task, you are welcome to remind him that he needs to get the requirement signed.  Please note!! Parents, please refrain from asking an assistant or an older scout to sign a scout's book. It is essential that scouts have the opportunity to learn to become responsible for their own advancement by asking for these themselves. Scouts need a chance to be responsible for themselves as a step toward learing leadership.  

The district holds a Saturday “Merit Badge Fair” once each fall and spring were Scouts may earn up to two merit badges.  Scouts may earn multiple badges at the week-long summer camp.